The Autonomous Telegraph Bureau

A bunch of servers in someones closet

Contributes to the crypto-anarchist restructuring of our society by 0) helping with cultivating systems where the intelligence sits at the edge nodes rather than in the center of the network, 1) by making the correspondence between peers as difficult as possible to monitor or surveil, and 2) by providing anonymized access to the clearnet by maintaining an exit-node.

The following projects are of special interest: I2P, Tor, LokiNet and Yggdrasil. Also: ZeroNet, FreeNet, IPFS, ElectroBSD, bitreich, et cetera.

We believe in free speech. Not just in voice modulation, but also in all wavelenghts of the electron and the photon. We believe that each and every one of us should be allowed to converse with whoever we wish, without anyone else taking any notes; neither constaple, nor robot. We build infrastructure where information can flow freely, without borders or censors, without control.